About Elizabeth Endicott

This New England grown maker resides in Denver CO, by way of Montana and Antarctica. Elizabeth lives in a small cozy home in the city, with her dreamboat ginger husband, her precocious sweet-cheeked daughter, three naughty cats, and an even naughtier pup. 

Her title as maker encapsulates how often Elizabeth likes to switch hats - heirloom doll maker, seamstress, illustrator, designer, photographer, jeweler. She loves it all, as long as it is creative. She also enjoys cooking, bicycling, dancing, and cheese.

Elizabeth is learning to work efficiently from home while also trying to keep her baby from tasting the cats and/or the toilet brush.

About Weird Birds

Here at Weird Birds our goal is to create unique, whimsical treasures that can be passed down from one fun-loving human to another. Each item is one of a kind and is created with love and positivity.

Our dolls embody originality and encourage everyone to celebrate who they are. Heartily embracing diversity and equality, we strive to represent all of humanity's differences. We feature multiple shades of skin color, gender neutral and nonbinary options, and have attempted to design a body shape that is inclusive. If you feel underrepresented in our doll offerings, please reach out. 

The environment is a top priority at Weird Birds, so every single item incorporates reclaimed and upcycled materials. 

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Framed prints of some of my cat illustrations are on sale at Denver Cat Company, the country's second cat cafe!  They partner with some great local shelters to get kitties adopted. Go check out my prints, support the cause, and pet some kitties.  3929 Tennyson